Microsoft shop to open in the UK in 2013?

Microsoft shop to open in the UK in 2013?
Like this but probably a bit bigger and in London

It seems that plans are afoot to open a Microsoft retail store in the UK next year.

The Verge cites 'sources familiar with the company's plans' who say that the high street shop will open in London during March 2013.

There's no word on exactly where the shop will be located, although the smart money's on one of the Westfields.

Shop til you bluescreenofdeath

Apparently one store won't be enough for the computing giant though, with the company also mulling the idea of several UK stores opening at around the same time.

The shop in itself is no surprise after the success of the Apple Stores around the world and Microsoft's promise to open 75 new shops during the next two years.

And there are Microsoft shops already, of course, although the nineteen existing outlets, selling software, computers, phones, accessories and the like, are all in the US.

From The Verge

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