Microsoft confirms headline features for Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft HQ

Microsoft has confirmed the final list of features that will make up the upcoming release of Dynamics CRM 2016.

In a post on the Dynamics blog, Bob Stutz, corporate VP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, explained that the solution will release in Q4 2015 and there are six major new features aimed at improving the intelligence, mobility and service provided by Dynamics CRM.

Cortana sees its role in Dynamics CRM step up a notch with a higher level of integration that allows sales activities, accounts and opportunities to be embedded at any time thus providing salespeople with the most relevant information when they needed it.

There is a real focus on bringing better Office integration to Dynamics CRM and on that front it has become a lot easier to open Office documents within CRM or the CRM mobile app using Word and PowerPoint.

Excel, meanwhile, gets its own special treatment in the shape of new templates to automate core tasks to make the life of customers even easier.

Delve takes on a big role

Microsoft is throwing a lot of weight behind its Delve analytics for Office and its inclusion in Dynamics CRM 2016 means that only the trending content most relevant to what the person is working on will be shown.

Other additions include next generation CRM apps for Outlook that make it easier for people to track emails and add new contacts as well as personalised sales documents based on CRM data that save a great deal of time for those involved.