Why your SMB should be considering desktop virtualization

VMware vSphere Essentials is a great starter kit for small businesses. VMware's EXSi Converter as it's name suggests, is an application converts your existing server structure to one set-up and ready to be used with virtual desktops.

Optimise the desktop interface for each user is the next step. One of the great things about desktop virtualisation for smaller businesses in particular is its flexibility. As each employee uses different applications and services on different devices, each virtual desktop can be set-up just for them. Whether they need to use standard Microsoft Office applications, have Windows or the Mac operating system installed, or use their own mobile devices, a virtual desktop can be created just for them.

A scalable investment

Designed specifically for small and midsize businesses with limited IT resources, VMware Go and VMware Go Pro enable customers to focus on their core business by simplifying and automating routine tasks. VMware Go is a free service that provides small businesses in particular a fast and cost effective route into virtualised desktops.

Embracing the virtual desktop is an effective way that all small businesses can improve their efficiency and future-proof their IT systems. Once your business has moved to a virtual environment, this then offers infinite expansion, as your business grows.

Moving away from traditionally installed operating systems and applications frees your business to become more agile and flexible. Most businesses now have a mix of operating systems, office applications, mobile devices and their apps, and a workforce that needs to use a myriad of applications on the move. A virtual desktop can change to reflect the work being done – all managed from a central location.

As small business see the benefit that cloud-based services and platforms can offer, it makes sense to also look closely at how your installed desktops, servers and mobile devices can also benefit from virtualisation. Ultimately, the virtual desktops your business can now create offer massive opportunities, not simply cost savings. Virtual desktops can deliver a whole new way of working to your business.