2014 World Cup in Brazil: how is it being powered?

Crucially, we also ensured our IT infrastructure was highly scalable, responsive to peak needs and able to deliver disaster recovery in short time-frames.

TRP: What are the biggest challenges or threats that need to be overcome in Brazil?

IC: The new infrastructure will need to support a huge influx of mobile devices, at a professional and social level. For example, as well as the millions of fans that will descend on the country, staff across the multiple security agencies will be equipped with thousands of tablets. This will allow security staff on the front line to be kept aware of everything that is happening - with the new IT infrastructure allowing for instructions and information to be passed between devices, and between managers and those on the ground.

TRP: Has Brazil's comparative lack of existing infrastructure posed any problems to IT infrastructure providers?

IC: As well as the physical size of the country, and distance between locations, the lack of a connected IT infrastructure in Brazil has posed the biggest challenge.

With an event like the London Olympics, the foundations were largely in place already. In Brazil, The companies who are members of Brazil Seguro Consortium are helping integrate the systems and information of a wide range of bodies - including the military, federal police, the fire department, civil defence department and the transportation supervisory agencies amongst others.

Previously, all data centres and support systems for each of these agencies were isolated and completely unconnected. Our aim has been to provide a new model of integration and cooperation.

With this new level of connectivity, we estimate that the response and recovery time for minor occurrences will take only six or eight minutes in average. Without the new infrastructure, this would simply not have been possible.

TRP: And who do you think will lift the cup this year?

IC: This is the toughest question! Brazil have the burden of being a favourite and playing at home makes our responsibility even bigger. But with 6 Petatypes of storage capacity installed, the whole world will be able to witness the coverage of a huge national celebration should Brazil win a sixth World Cup!

Desire Athow
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