WordPress launches P2 collaboration tool for remote working

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WordPress' parent company Automattic is making its own internal collaboration tool available as a standalone project in an effort to make remote work easier for distributed teams and organizations.

The tool, called P2, has been used by Automattic for the past 15 years to allow it to succeed as a fully distributed company with over 1,200 employees working from 77 countries. However, this marks the first time ever that P2 has been released on its own to help facilitate collaboration among small and large teams.

With more people working from home than ever before, Automattic has seen a great deal of interest in its own distributed work best practices which is why the company decided to build a refined version of its own team collaboration tool.


Unlike other collaboration tools, P2 focuses on communication that is asynchronous and easily accessible across time zones. Small and large teams will be able to use it to organize plans, projects and big picture ideas while communicating across their entire companies.

P2 is a perfect companion for other real-time tools such as workplace chat apps and video conferencing software. It can be used as an internal blog that moves teams and organizations away from siloed email inboxes and it also helps prevent messages from getting lost in real-time chat.

Teams working on any type of project together can write and post regular updates using P2. Through comments on posts, teams can reach a consensus and decided together what needs to be done next. P2 can also be used to share photos, videos, GIFS and charts or to take polls and share quotes and summaries from the day's work.

When using P2, teams will see updates on the web, via email notifications and in WordPress' mobile apps. The current version of Automattic's collaboration tool is free for all users but a premium version with more features is also currently in development.

Anthony Spadafora

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