Windows 10 update created a major password problem

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Microsoft has detailed a temporary fix for a frustrating Windows 10 bug (opens in new tab) that prevents software from storing account credentials, meaning the user has to re-enter their username and password (opens in new tab) each time they log-in.

The flaw is also said to delete cookies held in web browsers (opens in new tab), preventing websites from memorizing credentials and serving bespoke content to the user.

First reported in April, the issue is present in specific builds of Windows 10 version 2004 and affects applications such as Outlook (opens in new tab), Chrome (opens in new tab), Edge (opens in new tab), OneDrive (opens in new tab) and more.

Windows 10 passwords issue

Although users have struggled with the Windows 10 issue for months now, Microsoft has only recently acknowledged the issue in an official capacity in the form of a support notice (opens in new tab)

“After installing Windows 10 Version 2004 Build 19041.173 and related updates you will find that Outlook and other applications do not remember your password anymore,” explained the firm.

“The issue occurs when some Windows 10 Task Scheduler tasks are configured in a certain way. Until a fix is available, a workaround is to disable these tasks using Task Scheduler.”

To implement the temporary fix, right-click the Start Menu, select Windows PowerShell (Admin) and enter the following command: 

“Get-ScheduledTask | foreach { If (([xml](Export-ScheduledTask -TaskName $_.TaskName -TaskPath $_.TaskPath)).GetElementsByTagName("LogonType").'#text' -eq "S4U") { $_.TaskName } }”

If any tasks are listed in the PowerShell window, note them down and launch the Task Scheduler app. Once you’ve located the relevant tasks, disable them via the right-click drop-down menu. Restarting the affected device should then resolve the issue.

It is not clear at this stage when Microsoft will roll out a full fix for the problem.

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