Why Tresorit's end-to-end encryption is crucial for your business

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On the surface, it may seem as though the coronavirus pandemic completely redefined our approach to the traditional workplace. And while it's true that lockdown and quarantine measures made distributed work an absolute necessity, this was not unprecedented. At least, not in the way one might think. 

The fact is that, as noted by consulting firm McKinsey, the shift to remote work was one of several inevitable trends — the pandemic simply moved the timeline forward by about a decade.

Distributed work was already inevitable. The hybrid workplace, which blends in-office collaboration with telecommuting, was already the future. The traditional walled fortress approach to cybersecurity was already becoming gradually more obsolete. 

Consider the following: 

Looking beyond the walls 

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That isn't to say that controlling your security perimeter is no longer important. You still need to ensure your fortress, as it were, remains secure. The prominence of remote work simply requires you to think beyond the walls — to your supply lines and outposts, if we're to use the same analogy. 

Unfortunately, especially if you work in a regulated sector, this is often easier said than done for a few reasons: 

Locking down access and implementing increasingly-strict security controls is not the answer to these problems, either. As countless studies in the past have shown, security measures that interfere with productivity are functionally useless. People will find workarounds, and there is no guarantee that those workarounds will be secure. 

 What can you do, then?  

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The answer to that is surprisingly simple. All you need is a secure content sharing platform developed with collaboration at its core. A solution that provides seamless, fully compliant end-to-end encryption.

A solution like Tresorit.  

Introducing Tresorit: security that stays with your data 

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An alternative to tools such as Dropbox and Google Workspace, Tresorit's end-to-end encryption is some of the best in the industry. Compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, TISAX, and ISO27100, it offers full coverage for both email security and data sharing. Moreover, because it's built on zero trust architecture, passwords and encryption keys are neither stored in nor transmitted through the organization's servers.

We'd forgive you for being a bit skeptical, of course. Every software vendor claims that their security is the best. Every software developer says they can help you protect your data.

Where Tresorit differs is that its services have been fully evaluated by FIY Cybersecurity, with the third-party security analyst finding Tresorit's claims about its encryption completely accurate.  

What does Tresorit bring to the table? 

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Alongside its security controls, Tresorit offers all the same collaboration functionality as its competitors. Your users will be free to collaborate, communicate, and share content just as they did before. The only difference is that you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that, whether it's in the hands of a vendor, a contractor, or a remote employee, your data is never out of your control. 

As for file storage, Tresorit's business plans offer up to 2TB per user with a file size limit of up to 20GB. Individual plans, meanwhile, max out at 2.5TB with a maximum file size of 10GB. Tresorit can be accessed in several different ways, depending on your organization's needs and infrastructure.  

Tresorit Content Shield Security Policies

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Arguably the greatest draw of Tresorit, however, is the Tresorit Content Shield. Available via Tresorit's Enterprise plan, Content Shield considerably amps up the platform's already comprehensive security. It enables a range of functionality including: 

Perhaps most importantly of all, Tresorit offers all this at a fraction of the cost typically associated with enterprise security solutions. Prices for individual plans start at $10.42/month. Business plans are only a little costlier, at $14.50/month. 

It's time to secure your supply chain 

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Distributed work isn't going anywhere, and thanks to digitization, your business's supply chain is more complex and comprehensive than it's ever been. To keep pace and ensure you aren't putting crucial data at risk, you need software that's both intuitive and highly secure. Tresorit is exactly that — a powerful, affordable platform to keep sensitive information securely in the right hands. 


Powerful and intuitive, Tresorit is an end-to-end encryption service that offers everything your organization and employees need to enable a seamless, secure approach to distributed work.  

- Individual plans begin at $10.42/month
- Business plans begin at $14.50/month