What does a full-time travel blogger make of Nokia 7.1?

To celebrate the launch of Nokia 7.1, an Android One device, Nokia has teamed up with plus-size travel blogger Kirsty Leanne to put the phone through its content creating paces. Find out what Kirsty made of the Nokia 7.1 on a recent visit to Bath in the UK below.

Travel blogger Kirsty Leanne.

Travel blogger Kirsty Leanne.

While travel blogging may look like it’s all fancy flights and beautiful destinations, there’s so much more to the job. I’ve been a travel blogger for just under two years and although I’ve been on some incredible trips, it’s nothing short of hard work.

While travelling, I’m always thinking about creating amazing content. Every experience is an opportunity to share something new with my followers, so I have to make sure I capture it in a way that shows exactly why I think they should visit.

Whether that’s through the stories I tell or the photos I take, sharing my passion with the world is the first thing on my mind. That means the technology I use when I travel needs to be high quality and reliable. And, so I can focus on getting to the destinations my followers expect, it needs to not cost the earth either.

There are few devices out there that combine a great design with reliability and robust specifications. That’s why I wanted to put the new Nokia 7.1—which costs just £299 and comes complete with fast, up-to-date Android One software and ZEISS optics—to the test on a recent trip to Bath.

Creating Content on the Go

Creating quality content on the go can be an incredibly difficult job. It’s not always possible to carry a DSLR around with me, so I need a phone that takes great pictures. Thankfully, the Nokia 7.1 does exactly that.

Because I post a lot of photos on Instagram, I loved using the Live Bokeh feature. This produces a soft, blurred background, which is much the same effect you’d get if using a 35mm or 45mm lens on a DSLR, only without the fuss. Similarly, the Pro mode allowed me to create HDR photos with a single tap, resulting in shots that I could have thought were taken on a DSLR, not a phone. With two rear cameras and ZEISS optics, every shot is worthy of going on my Instagram.

Captured by Kirsty Leanne on Nokia 7.1.

Captured by Kirsty Leanne on Nokia 7.1.

Once I’d spent the day taking photos I was able to edit them there and then on the phone, sharing to Instagram as soon I was done. And for the shots I wanted to use later on, unlimited cloud storage with Google Photos meant everything was automatically organised by date, location or activity. All I had to do was type a keyword and the relevant pictures are retrieved. What more could I want? 

Staying Connected All Day

As a travel blogger, it’s important that I can post content on the go. People love seeing what I’m up to in real time, so having a phone that can last as long as I do is important. 

Luckily, the Nokia 7.1 is an Android One device with an optimised battery, which means no matter how many photos I take, how many blog posts I write and how many times I post to social media, I find my battery lasts the whole day without the need to carry around a portable charger.

Finding my way

One of the most important parts of travelling is finding your way. While it’s fun getting lost in a new city, I’m often on a time limit and need to fit as much into one trip as I can. That’s where Nokia 7.1 comes in handy. Equipped with the Google Assistant , I could use my phone to easily find all the best places to visit (and how to get there) in seconds. 

With just a few words, “Hey Google, show me the best places to visit in Bath”, I had a list of places I could explore including the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge.

Captured by Kirsty Leanne on Nokia 7.1.

Captured by Kirsty Leanne on Nokia 7.1.

If that wasn’t enough, I was able to use Google Lens to learn everything I needed to know about the historical sites I visited simply by holding up my camera to them. Perfect for finding out everything I need for blog posts! 

Overall, I found my trip was made much easier by having the Nokia 7.1 at hand, enabling me to create some of my best content yet.

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