We asked an expert to redesign Twitter - here's what they came up with

(Image credit: Future)

As part of a new series, TechRadar Pro has asked designers from freelance platform Fiverr to give the branding of a selection of well-known companies a makeover.

The idea isn't to return to the drawing board completely, only to imagine what famous branding might look like with a few tweaks here and there.

First up, a rethink of the Twitter logo and user interface by UX designer Yaeliroz, who also talked us through her decision-making process.

A simpler, reimagined view of an iconic brand combined with a bold vision of the web-based interface with a clear inclination for gradients, random shapes and curves. Here's what she came up with:

Twitter redesign

Twitter logo concept (Image credit: Fiverr / Yaeliroz)

Twitter redesign

More Twitter icons (Image credit: Fiverr / Yaeliroz)

Twitter redesign

A new-look Twitter homepage (Image credit: Fiverr / Yaeliroz)

Yaeliroz's rationale

"Twitter is a well-known brand, very recognizable by its main specific color and the bird logo."

"This is exactly why I wanted to keep the layout the same, just change the logo to be less graphic, and more of a bird layout, keeping the legendary color, adding only one secondary color to be used in some places around the website."

"Furthermore, I decided to make the solid look, a bit more vibrant and edgy. I also wanted to make it approachable to younger audiences, by adding the illustrations elements, giving them only a hint of color. The rounded corners also give the website a new look and feel, making it more accessible, and less strict and old fashioned."