Want to use Google's latest photo editing tools? You'll have to be a Google One subscriber

Google Photos
(Image credit: Google)

Google is bringing some of the more advanced photo editing features from its Pixel line of smartphones to Google Photos but to try them out, you'll need to be a Google One subscriber.

These new features leverage machine learning to help users improve their recently taken portraits as well as those taken in the past regardless of whether the original image was taken in portrait mode. Portrait Blur can be used to blur the background of photos while Portrait Light allows users to improve the lighting on faces in portraits. 

Google One subscribers will also be able to use other machine learning-powered effects to enhance their photos. However, these features act more like super filters that apply complex edits with just one tap. By using the Dynamic suggestion, users can enhance the brightness and contrast across an image to get a more balanced photo while sky suggestions lets users boost and adjust the color and contrast in their outdoor photos.

All of these new features will be rolling out to Google One subscribers over the next few days. If you haven't signed up yet though, Google One starts at $1.99 per month for 100GB of storage and also includes other benefits as well.

New video editor

In addition to bringing some Pixel features to Google One subscribers, Google also announced in a blog post that it will be adding a new video editor to Google Photos for all users of the service.

With this updated video editor, users will not only be able to trim, stabilize and rotate their videos but they'll also be able to crop, change perspective, add filters and apply granular edits to brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth.

There are now more than 30 controls available in Google Photos' video editor but Google recommends that users start by cropping and straightening the frame to focus more on the subject of their videos.

These new video editing features are available now in the Google Photos app for iOS and they'll be rolling out to Android users in the coming weeks.

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