Vodafone unveils major health-tech push

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Telecommunications giant Vodafone has unveiled a new UK healthcare department
with the goal of boosting the use of technology in the industry. 

Called Vodafone in Health, the new project’s goal is to free up time for the workers in the industry, as well as make sure they work more productively and more efficiently. 

The company said its project will be spearheaded by industry expert Anne-Marie Vine-Lott, who will be representing Vodafone as it seeks to share advice in the sector, and team up with both public and private firms as they build healthcare-related technology solutions. 

Best patient outcomes

Vodafone also said the new project will combine “secure, modern and reliable connectivity healthcare expertise with best-in-class partners” to make sure patients get the best outcomes possible. 

Vodafone Business has an ongoing partnership with the NHS and other healthcare providers, so the goal of Vodafone in Health is to “create the building blocks for change and support the acceleration of digital transformation”.

Vine-Lott said Vodafone in Health will be both an advisor, and n innovation hub: 

“I’m really excited to be leading the newly created Vodafone in Health division which will act as a technology advisor and innovation hub for all our healthcare partners and customers,” she said. “Our focus is on supporting health providers to work beyond organizational boundaries. To help them drive better outcomes for patients through better connectivity and the modernization of technology.”

Vine-Lott was first appointed to lead Vodafone Centre for Health in late December last year. Back then, it was reported that Vodafone wanted to help healthcare providers meet the demand for new technologies. Vine-Lott joined Vodafone from Oracle, where she served as a Public Sector Sales Director. Before that, Anne-Marie worked in finance, program management, business operations, and leadership roles, for the likes of NHS and GE Healthcare.

Sead Fadilpašić

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