Tilted Towers returns to Fortnite after two and a half year absence

Fortnite Titled Towers Chapter 3 update
(Image credit: Epic Games)

The latest Fortnite update has brought back Tilted Towers, adding the iconic locale to the current map.

Tilted Towers was once a mainstay of the battle royale ever since Chapter 1 Season 2, until it was destroyed by a volcano in May 2019.

Fans suspected that Tilted Towers would return as part of Chapter 3 Season 1, as it was found partially buried in snow, which gradually receded over time.

Tilted Towers is easily one of the most well-known and popular locations in all of Fortnite. Even after it was destroyed, it was replaced with new variants such as Neo Tilted and Tilted Town, although fans are likely happy to see the original again.

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The heck's a Klungo?

The update has also introduced a new type of creature called a Klungo. These giant axolotl looking dinosaur things can be found wandering the map, as demonstrated in a video by Fortnite YouTuber Kanga.

By feeding them a new healing item called a Klomberry, Klungos can spit out useful items. Climb on top of one and you can use their blowhole to launch yourself into the air as well.

Another of Kanga's videos, however, shows that they're not always docile. If attacked, they turn red and ferociously charge at their assailant. They even appear to be capable of destroying parts of the environment and can shoot what we assume are chunks of acid or some kind of toxic substance from their head.

It's not yet known if they can actually be killed since they take miniscule damage, but we can expect dedicated players will try to see if it's possible.

This latest Fortnite update follows last week's update which introduced tornadoes and lightning storms. Despite being dangerous weather events, they provide certain benefits. Tornadoes, for example, can be used as an airlift to fly to safety.

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