This rugged tablet comes with an extraordinary feature no other laptop offers

(Image credit: Getac)

LiFi has long been pitched as the solution to all our connectivity woes, as while traditional WiFi relies on radio frequencies, LiFi uses light to transmit data at unbelievable speeds that’s measured in Gigabytes per second.

The technology relies on modulated light waves to wirelessly transmit data and has the potential to make WiFi bandwidth crunch a thing of the past.

However, one of the main things holding back LiFi from general adoption is the absence of any end user devices that ship with the technology, built-in.

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Currently, if you want to use LiFi you’ll have to plug a USB dongle into the side of your laptop. This is especially inconvenient considering the fact that LiFi is presently pitched for use in rugged environments, because of its design characteristics that make it more suitable for such deployments. As you can imagine, a USB dongle isn’t an ideal peripheral for use in such a setting. 

Now, Taiwan-based Getac, which specializes in making ruggedized laptops and tablets, has announced that their recently launched UX10 rugged tablet will become the world’s first device to offer integrated LiFi capability. The tablet’s LiFi capabilities are courtesy of Edinburgh-based pureLiFi.

LiFi is much less vulnerable to hijacking, which makes it suitable for environments where privacy and security are paramount. 

Thanks to the inherent benefits of LiFi and the rugged design of the UX10 tablet, Getac is pitching the device across a range of sectors including defence and public safety. 

The company however hasn’t disclosed the price of the LiFi equipped tablet and whether it will be available for purchase to the general public. 

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