This new Microsoft Edge update will help you snag the best Black Friday deals

Microsoft Edge
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The latest version of Microsoft Edge has been unveiled with a strong focus on ecommerce for one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, including the latest Black Friday 2021 deals. 

The browser has added features that will help users compare prices, save money, check out reviews of products, and more.

Shopping at any time of year means having to keep checking sites to make sure that the price hasn't changed on the products you want or need. If you're tracking multiple products across multiple online stores, it can be hard to remember quite what has happened with prices since you last checked - but Edge says it is now able to help.

The price comparison and price history features are now available in the Andro8d versions of Edge (with iOS support promised soon), meaning that even when shopping on your mobile, you can be sure of getting the best price. 

In addition to saving money, Edge – in conjunction with Bing – can be used to earn rewards while shopping online, gaming, or even just searching the web. To help you keep track of your rewards, it is now possible to pin Rewards to the Microsoft Edge tool bar – just enable the Microsoft Rewards button under Appearance in Settings.

Save money and power

Saving money is something that just about everyone can get onboard with; no one likes spending more money than they have to, after all. But the latest version of Edger can help you to make savings in other ways too. Efficiency mode is a fabulous feature of the browser that help you to stay online for longer, even when your battery is running low.

What's great about efficiency mode in Microsoft Edge is that you don't need to do anything to take advantage of it – it's all entirely automated. When your laptop battery starts to run low, Edge's efficiency mode will kick in to maximize how long you can keep using it. By reducing CPU and RAM usage, the browser uses fewer system resources and is less of a drain in your battery.

Analysis: making savings that matter

For all of the progress Microsoft has made with Edge and the shift to the Chromium engine, the company is still having to work hard to shake off the reputation that it earned itself with Internet Explorer. It's fair to say that Edge is a far superior browser to IE, and the rapid development cycle has helped the browser to build up a dedicated following. It is still a relatively small following when compared to the likes of Chrome, but it is a growing one.

Microsoft has learned what people want, and it has learned to give it to them. The company knows that people like to save money, that they want speedy performance, and that they want to eek out the most possible usage from their laptop between charges, With Edge, Microsoft is in a rare position of being able to address all of these things, and it is doing so withy increasing panache.

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