This learning management system for Microsoft Teams has global ambitions

(Image credit: LMS365)

If you’ve ever taken part in any form of online training, chances are you’ll be familiar with learner management systems (LMS) that can sometimes be clunky, unintuitive, and disconnected.

Danish company LMS365 hopes to change that with the LMS it’s been improving for several years already. The self-proclaimed “only learning platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams” has just raised $20 million.

This follows news that LMS365 has entered a partnership with the Learning branch of Microsoft-owned LinkedIn, providing more than 18,000 courses to the platform’s users.

LMS built into Teams

LMS365 claims one of its major selling points is its unique integration with the video conferencing platform Microsoft Teams, facilitating a hybrid learning model that would otherwise require learners to jump between multiple pieces of software, which can be awkward.

Creating courses should be a breeze, too. The company clearly has ease of use in mind, given that support for drag-and-drop straight from popular apps like Word and PowerPoint should make it quick to convert existing learning material into a digital learning experience.

Company CEO Rasmus Holst reflects on the journey so far as he looks toward the future: “This capital injection represents a significant change in gear for our business. The decision by our CTO, Freddy Bang, to build on Teams in 2016 sparked a phenomenal growth journey, and now we are ready for the next chapter.”

Given that Microsoft doesn’t have a dedicated LMS, LMS365’s strong foothold may see it continue to expand and become one of the leading systems in education, though competition is stiff with many training and educational establishments shifting online during the pandemic.

Google offers a similar proposition with integration to the rest of its Workspace services, making it a firm favorite among schools and colleges.

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