This AI writing app now fixes your lousy spelling mistakes

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Artificial intelligence is being used to cast its all-seeing eye over the written word with DeepL’s latest free writing app Write. 

Pitched as a rival to Grammarly, the AI writing tool is able to correct spelling and grammar mistakes, rephrase words and sentences, and generally make your writing clearer. 

Developer DeepL, who first made waves with its AI-driven translation software, said the tool uses “neural network technology that captures the context and nuances of the original text to provide rephrasing suggestions and alternative word choices.” 

Writing on the wall 

Originating as an idea to help its multilingual user-base to check the accuracy of their translations, the idea behind Write is to grant users control over their writing. 

Unlike ChatGPT’s essay-generating content, this AI is effectively a smart proof-reader, although the company claimed that by serving up recommended changes across phrasing, tone, style, and word choice, writers can “retain their authentic voice” and creativity. 

DeepL's AI writing app in action

(Image credit: DeepL)

We gave Write a quick test drive. The interface is clean, with just two text fields and an option to switch languages. British-English, American-English, and German are supported at launch. 

Text is pasted in the left field and the results appear to the right. Suggestions are highlighted in that familiar word processor way. Clicking on these in-body links serves up a few more possibilities, too. 

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Speed was excellent - less than a second to check a single sentence; a few seconds to run its A-eye over a longer piece (although after 2000 characters, you’ll get a prompt to purchase DeepL Pro). 

It’s not perfect, though. Like similar writing and writing enhancement apps, suggested changes can feel flat, unemotional, process-driven. As with any AI content, human refinement is usually necessarily and always desirable. 

You can give Write a go by clicking here (opens in new tab)

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