These pricey Halo boots let you step into the shoes of Master Chief

The Halo boot created by Wolverine
(Image credit: Wolverine)

Halo has come to the world of footwear, with Halo Infinite developer, 343 Industries, partnering with shoemaker Wolverine to produce a limited edition boot inspired by Master Chief himself.

The officially licensed shoe is designed to riff off the classic color, shape, and style of Master Chief’s armor in Halo Infinite. That means it's shaped to look like armor plating, colored a military green, decked out with the United Nations Space Command insignia, and emblazoned with the number 117 (Chief's Spartan number) on its heel.

It also features the Materials Group logo on its outsole, as a nod to the in-game manufacturers of Master Chief’s Mjolnir armor. The shoe itself is made of full-grain leather, though, rather than a titanium alloy.

It’ll cost you a pretty penny, too. You’ll need to splash out $225, which is about £170 / AU$300, to grab them, although Wolverine doesn't usually ship outside the US. With only 117 pairs being made the likelihood you’ll be able to pick them up is pretty slim.

The heel of Wolverine's Halo boot showing Spartan number 117

(Image credit: Wolverine)

According to a press release, the boot didn’t start its life as an official Halo shoe. Fans reckoned another of Wolverine’s designs – the Hellcat – looked like something out of the Halo universe and asked for an official, licensed version. After a year in the design room, the final product is here.

“Given our roots in military science fiction, we've often heard from our fans that there is an appetite for a boot inspired by the Master Chief," said John Friend, director of Halo and Xbox consumer products at 343 Industries. "So, when Wolverine approached us about a collaboration, we were ready to answer the call.” 

“The limited-edition boot gives Halo fans a chance to step inside (the boots) to become Master Chief and bring the Halo universe into their everyday life, and we’re eager to see how fans react to the collaboration and forthcoming launches as part of our partnership with Wolverine.”  

The Wolverine x Halo: The Master Chief limited-edition boots will go up for sale on March 29 at 9am PT / 12 pm ET / 4pm GMT which is March 30 at 3am AEDT on the Wolverine webstore

Halo is no stranger to strange licensed products. Earlier this year, 343 partnered with nail polish brand OPI to produce a slate of Xbox-inspired colors. The offer is live until March 30, and buying the nail polish lets you unlock exclusive rewards in Halo Infinite as well as Forza Horizon 5.

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