The RAMPOW 61W PD is the only charger you'll ever need, and it's now just $16.24

RAMPOW 61W wall charger
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With tech ownership comes cable and charger maintenance. If you use a smartphone, computer, and a tablet, you also have to manage three separate cables and chargers. And if you travel with your devices, keeping tabs on all those bulky wall chargers and finding space for them in your bag is a real hassle.

The RAMPOW 61W PD Wall Charger is the answer to this problem. Normally priced at $50, you can grab it now for just $16.24 with coupon code 8BBK9JBN. This is a pintsize wall charger with a foldable plug that works universally with USB-C devices. 

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Thanks to GaN Technology and a fold-in plug, the 61W RAMPOW is an undersized wall charger that slips easily in a briefcase, backpack, drawer, or even your back pocket. It's less than half the size of a MacBook Pro charger, so it's great for travel and home use.

Even better, the RAMPOW works with all your USB-C devices. No longer do you need to tote around five or six wall chargers when you're on the move or keep track of all your chargers for each device. RAMPOW's 61W charger works with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, e-reader, fitness device, gaming console, and all your other USB-C devices.

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And RAMPOW punches through the competition in the speed department. Efficient charging is RAMPOW's top priority, and it delivers. You'll get a 94-percent reduction in power wastage with RAMPOW, which keeps internal components cool, extending the life of the power supply and your devices. Plus, you can fully charge a MacBook Pro in under two hours and top up your smartphone up to 70-percent faster than with a standard industrial charger. Now that's a win-win!

Big bonus for travelers: RAMPOW works internationally too. This wall charger operates at 100-240V, so it's compatible with international voltage standards and also your outlets at home.


Get RAMPOW now for only $16.24


Charge all your USB-C devices with a single compact charger. The RAMPOW 61W PD wall charger comes with a foldable plug, so it packs down small. Stick it in a bag or a drawer and use it on all your toys.

With 61W of high-efficiency charging, you can go from zero to 100-percent battery power on your laptop in under two hours or charge your smartphone up to 70-percent faster than when using the manufacturer's AC charger.

Impressed? We are.

Right now, grab the RAMPOW 61W PD charger for only $16.24 with coupon code 8BBK9JBN. Pick up this deal, and we promise, this is the only charger you'll ever need.