The new 8BitDo gamepad is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller we’ve been waiting for

A player using the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller with a laptop
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Controller manufacturer 8BitDo has revealed a new line of gamepads that look set to give Nintendo’s official Pro Controller a run for its money.

After releasing the 8BitDo Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S earlier this year, the third-party manufacturer has revamped the design for the Nintendo Switch. The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is available in wired and wireless models, and packs a range of premium features that rival the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

It’s a highly customizable gamepad. The sensitivity of its analog sticks and triggers can be tweaked, its buttons can be remapped, and even the intensity of its vibration can be altered. It also features two back paddles, and can be used to create macro shortcuts, letting you assign a long sequence of button taps to a single press.

All those sliders can be modified to taste through an Android and iOS app, as well as through your PC. You’ll be able to save your preferences across three custom profiles, switching between them on the fly with a single button press.

An affordable alternative

As with its previous gamepads, 8BitDo is pitching this new Ultimate Controller as an affordable option, despite its bevy of features. The wireless model – which can connect to Nintendo Switch, PC, Android and iOS devices – comes in at $69.99 (about £60 / AU$100), which is around the same retail price the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller sells for. 

If you just want to connect it to a PC, you can save some money by grabbing a $49.99 (about £43 / AU$73) model that comes packaged with a wireless adapter but doesn’t provide Bluetooth connectivity. Both wireless models include a charging dock, and are available in black, white, or pink. You can also pick up the wired version for $34.99 (about £30 / AU$50).

While other third-party Switch controllers are knocking about at affordable prices, such as the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller, none of them are as feature-rich nor offer the same level of customizability. This new controller also looks like a solid controller option for PC gamers who don’t want to shell out on a pricey Xbox Wireless Controller

8BitDo first made a name for itself with the SN30 Pro and Pro 2 controllers that boasted strong build quality and broad platform compatibility at an affordable price. We reckoned the 8BitDo Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox was a fantastic budget controller, too, that offered an impressive array of features and customizability.

The 8BitDo Ultimate Controller is already up for pre-order in the US on Amazon, and will ship on October 28. We expect it will launch in other regions on that date.

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