The latest security is built into the latest hardware with AMD Ryzen PRO mobile processors

AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Series Mobile Processor
(Image credit: AMD)

Businesses have enough on their plates. Digital security threats shouldn’t have to be a constant worry, and keeping systems protected against ever-shifting threats need not be a monumental effort for IT departments. The latest AMD PRO security integrated into AMD Ryzen™ PRO mobile processors simplifies and strengthens security with top-to-bottom protection that covers the hardware, OS, and OEM system levels.

AMD Ryzen™ PRO mobile processors are built with the Microsoft Pluton security processor integrated right onto the chip, making them the first x86 processors on the market to offer this technology. With the Pluton Security Processor, the system receives chip-to-cloud security for users’ data, applications, and identities. 

The Microsoft Pluton security processor also makes it easier to keep systems safe over time. Straightforward Windows updates provide Pluton-enabled systems with the latest hardware and firmware protection. Working together with the other security technologies of AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 Series Mobile Processors, the two provide a unified front for robust security against attacks. 

AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Series Mobile Processor

(Image credit: AMD)

These new AMD chips support Microsoft Secured-core PC as well, helping ensure that systems are protected from firmware and OS attacks right from boot up by preventing unauthorized access to data and devices. Back that up with AMD Secure Processor on the chips and AMD Platform Secure Boot, which can create a hardware root-of-trust between the BIOS and OS bootloader, and you’ve got a strong layer of protection across the hardware in your system. 

AMD Shadow Stack and Microsoft Stack Protection can work together to keep control-flow attacks shut down. Shadow Stack keeps a copy of the program stack stored on the system hardware to check against normal program stack. 

Together, these technologies will leave little room for attackers to get into your systems and pull out sensitive data or gain control. 

But, AMD is prepared for even more sophisticated attacks. AMD Ryzen™ PRO mobile processors can even actively encrypt system memory with AMD Memory Guard. So, even if someone could get access to your computer and attempt to read the data on the laptop’s memory modules, all they’d get back is encrypted data. This data is encrypted in real-time, too, so you can rest assured that at any moment the data on the memory would be unreadable to anyone without the key.  

With the new AMD Ryzen™ Pro 6000 Series Mobile Processors, your business can enjoy all the enhanced performance capabilities of the latest AMD architecture technology. Plus, with the efficiency of the 6nm process node alongside the superb security technologies AMD has built into the hardware, each system can support further protection from OEMs.

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