The founder of one of the world's biggest web hosting companies is launching a mysterious new brand

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One of the biggest players in the web hosting industry may be set for a big-name return sooner than expected.

Some more information has come to light regarding Brent Oxley’s next web hosting venture. Oxley made his name as the founder of HostGator, once one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, before selling up in 2012.

For a couple of years now, there have been reports that Oxley is planning to re-enter the web hosting space under his ‘’ domain. Now it appears that those reports are about to come true after it was confirmed that Oxley had signed a new office lease for the company in Houston, Texas – the same city where HostGator is headquartered.  

Not much is known about Oxley’s new hosting venture, which is said to be launching soon, with only a simple landing page associated with the brand currently. However, an interview with Oxley from 2018 suggests that he is keen to take some customers away from his old company.

Back with a vengeance

“A day doesn’t seem to go by without an old customer reaching out to share all the issues they’re having at [HostGator],” Oxley told “When I was shopping HostGator all interested parties always asked what the secret sauce was and when I told them customer service and uptime they’d hate my answer. The reason is because they all thought they could make millions more by outsourcing to India and that the customers wouldn’t notice. I’ll be coming back with a vengeance and this time I won’t be a sell-out!”

Not too long ago, Oxley listed ‘’ for sale, but the online businessman is clearly now determined to re-enter the web hosting sphere. He also would have made plenty of money from selling other domains. His collection is reportedly worth more than $25 million and contains a number of one-word domains, including, and

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