Taylordle is Wordle for Taylor Swift fans - here’s how to play

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Two worldwide sensations have come together in a beautiful union. Wordle, the five-letter, six guesses word game, has been combined with the music of Taylor Swift to create: Taylordle. 

The new Wordle comes from the Holy Swift Podcast, a show that covers Taylor Swift, song by song. Every day Taylordle is updated with a new word pulled from the singer’s extensive catalog, they could be song titles, lyrics, even names from the star’s life. Even die-hard fans will have to scour their brain for the right connection. 

Unlike traditional Wordle, Taylordle’s puzzles vary in length each day. For example, today’s puzzle is a staggering seven words long. This might be disconcerting to some Wordle fans who are used to the five-letter challenge, but when you're dealing with such a narrow subject matter it makes sense. And, with the anchor of the Taylor Swift theme, you at least have a little guidance toward the correct solution. That said, Taylor Swift now has nine studio albums under her belt, as well as developed mythos and culture surrounding her, making for a massive lexicon of potential words.  

Wordle’s explosion in popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing, with hundreds of thousands still logging in to do the daily Wordle puzzle. If you’d like some suggestions on the best starting words for Wordle or even tips on how to win wordle every day, we have some guides ready for you. 

Head here to play Taylordle.

It’s a Wordle world, we are just living in it 

We are deep in the Wordle hole at this point. It’s hard to escape the onslaught of new spinoffs of the now infamous puzzle game. From Heardle to Scholardle, there’s no shortage of ways to play. 

While we might be getting overwhelmed at the sheer number of them, it seems like the best course is to embrace the chaos, ride out the Wordle wave. Plus, Taylordle gives us all hope that one day our niche-est interest will get the Wordle treatment. I’ve my fingers crossed for a Destiny edition. Destinydle, Guardiandle, Caydle-6? 

You don’t need to wait for someone else to make the Wordle edition you want, though. Wordle Unlimited lets you create custom Wordles to challenge (or troll) your friends. Maybe one day soon the popularity will drop off, but for now, these brain teasers are here to stay. 

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