T-Mobile offers end-to-end packages of 5G tech and connectivity for industry

T-Mobile 5G
(Image credit: T-Mobile)

US mobile operator T-Mobile has launched a range of ‘ready-to-deploy’ 5G products for specific industries, aiming to make the process of using next-generation networks as easy as possible.

The initial tranche of Advanced Industry Solutions’ will target four ‘early adopter’ industries - retail, manufacturing, logistics, and municipalities.

Each product includes connectivity, compute, devices, and applications for various 5G use cases, including smart cities, autonomous factories, and intelligent shopping. Alongside the provision of technology, customers will also receive dedicated support.

5G for industry

By combining everything into an end-to-end suite with a single point of contact, T-Mobile hopes to drive adoption of its 5G services, particularly among businesses put off by the potential complexity of identifying, assembling, and managing multiple technologies.

It says the typical project might include ten or more vendors and partners and the onboarding process could take months.

“We are on the precipice of billions of AI-powered devices, all connected by 5G with efficient application processors, all converging to provide intelligent data-driven insights,” said Callie Field, President, T-Mobile Business Group.

“Technologies are pushing the limits of most companies’ IT organizations. That’s why we’ve been working closely with many of these organizations to develop specific solutions that address their unique challenges. Our Advanced Industry Solutions enable easier and simpler implementation — from vision to ROI.”

T-Mobile claims its 5G network now covers more than 315 million people in the US, with 225 million of those able to access it fastest ‘Ultra Capacity 5G’ service. The latter figure is expected to reach 260 million later this year and 300 million in 2023. In addition to offering enhanced mobile broadband services for consumers, the company is also a major player in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

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