Some Google Glass headsets now come with video calling already installed

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
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Businesses will soon be able to communicate with and even see what their front line workers are doing out in the field as Verizon Business has announced that BlueJeans Meetings will now come preloaded on Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR headsets.

Business customers will be able to purchase Glass Enterprise Edition 2 preloaded with the company's video conferencing software for $1,139. However, for a limited time, they can also get up to $700 off Glass Enterprise Edition 2 when purchased with a Pixel 6.

Organizations are increasingly seeing the need for an innovative, hands-free solution for front line workers to maintain safety and efficiency while out in the field according to a new study by Quadrant Strategies. By preloading BlueJeans Meetings on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with a 5G mobile hotspot on the Pixel 6, Verizon Business is giving them just that.

At the same time though, this combination of AR, video conferencing and 5G will help boost productivity and facilitate collaboration between front line workers and staff back at the office.

BlueJeans on Glass Enterprise Edition 2

By giving a supervisor the ability to see a remote employee's vantage point, BlueJeans on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can help field workers get expert support without having to leave the job site. However, the hands-free capabilities of Google's AR headset can also help enable remote field workers such as warehouse workers, technicians and engineers to fulfill customer orders more efficiently or build complex machines.

Pairing Google Glass with a Pixel 6 and Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity leveraging C-band spectrum when using BlueJeans can maximize productivity and minimize error rates by utilizing visual guidance over hand-held solutions.

CEO of Verizon Business, Tami Erwin provided further insight on the company's collaboration with Google in a press release and explained how together the two are powering the future of work, saying:

“5G is the platform powering the future of work, enabling teams to leverage technology and reimagine what it means to get work done in a hybrid environment. Our collaboration between BlueJeans by Verizon, Google Pixel and Glass will deliver customers a high-quality, augmented reality experience that can help ease operational challenges and improve business outcomes. Together, Verizon Business and Google are making the future of work a reality, today.”

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