HP looks to boost webOS team with over 50 job openings

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HP is making an internal push to support webOS, listing more than 50 new jobs to work on the platform, according to the company's career board.

There are 54 jobs in total - hiring both in Shanghai, China and Sunnyvale, Calif. - for a wide range of engineer, designer and cloud services positions along with database, quality assurance and even a few intern openings.

The employee surge is nearly nine times what the company's webOS team lost earlier this year when Google grabbed the Enyo team away from HP in May.

The team will continue to develop the open source operating system, which finally launched with webOS 1.0 last month.

Looking to the future

HP has big plans for the future of webOS, which CEO Meg Whitman still hopes will one day rival both Android and iOS.

WebOS 1.0 currently features 75 different components, including email, web browsing and support for Enyo 2.

Qt5 integration and Webkit2 development tools are next on HP's slate for webOS, along with ConnMan network management compatibility and the BlueZ Bluetooth stack.

Just don't expect a webOS smartphone on the market anytime soon, at least not one made by HP. The company recently stated it has no plans for a smartphone in 2013, even though the window of opportunity to launch one is dwindling.

In the meantime, HP will be among the first manufacturers offering a Windows 8 tablet with the Envy x2 on Oct. 26 and its rumored Slate 8 plans.

Via HP Careers Board