Here's how you can download the latest Windows 10 preview

Windows 10

You've stared dewy-eyed at its Start Menu, longed for its multiple desktops and salivated over its future on the smartphone -- and now it's here. The latest Windows 10 preview code can be yours in just a few clicks.

To give Microsoft's latest OS a test-drive, head on over to the Windows Insider Program where you can download it by following Microsoft's instructions.

Alternatively, you can get it by heading to PC Settings, clicking Update and recovery, then Preview builds before finally giving Check Now a click.

Start me up

There's a ton of new features waiting for you if you decide to take the plunge. They include Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana, which has been ported over from Windows Phone.

Additionally, there's a new, fuller Start menu that still looks very Windows 8 but promises to bring a whole new level of organisation to your Windows apps.

You can grab them via a new "universal" Windows Store app that introduces an all-new design and will look the same across different devices.

Gamers should take note of Windows 10's new Xbox App, which brings more information on what your friends are doing at that moment in time. If you're interested in what Windows 10 means for Xbox and PC gaming, you can check out our thoughts here.

Kane Fulton
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