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Ex-Microsoft employee charged with leaking Windows secrets

An open window to trade secrets

An ex-Microsoft employee has been charged with allegedly leaking information relating to Windows 8 to a French blogger.

Alex Kibkalo, who worked for Microsoft for seven years in Lebanon and Russia, admitted that he gave confidential company documents to the blogger, according to Reuters.

The blogger was not identified, but is apparently known for posting pre-release screenshots of Windows software.

Court documents show that the blogger admitted to posting the leaked information and selling Windows Server activation keys on eBay.

Poor performance

Microsoft conducted an internal investigation over the incident, discovering an email from Kibkalo in the blogger's Hotmail account. This email allegedly reveals the sharing of sensitive information.

The company also discovered that Kibkalo had uploaded pre-release versions of Windows 8 RT and the Microsoft Activation Server Software Development Kit to a Washington PC and his SkyDrive account.

As for why the former employee leaked the information, it is believed it relates to a performance review in 2012, where he received a poor rating. He apparently threatened to resign if this rating was not changed.

Microsoft said it takes protection of its intellectual property very seriously.