Microsoft extends Office 365 email expiry date

Office 365 Email Retention
Office 365 Email Retention

Microsoft has delivered an update to Office 365 for Exchange Online users that means emails will no longer be deleted automatically after 30 days.

Up until now deleted items were moved into the folder of the same name before disappearing after 30 days and the new update allows the system administrator to set this period to indefinitely or another preferred duration.

Office 365 administrators will see the default MRM policy change for everyone using Exchange Online and any administrators that want to opt out of the policy can do so by changing the policy name in Office 365 by going to Office 365 Admin settings.

Long-term retention now a reality

To do that, once in the settings you select Exchange admin center > compliance management > retention policies and from there select default MRM policy, edit and change the name to avoid the update.

The advent of the cloud means that long-term data retention for items such as enterprise emails is more of a possibility going forwards and Microsoft will hope that offering this means that enterprise customers will remain on board with its email offering.

Via: Microsoft