Dell adds predictive support for enterprise PCs and tablets

Coverage with 'Precision'
Coverage with 'Precision'

If you've ever gotten annoyed waiting for technical support to help you sort through your enterprise computing issues, you'll love Dell's latest offering. With SupportAssist, the company's new service, PC and tablet deployments are continuously monitored to predict and respond to device malfunctions.

As part of Dell's existing ProSupport Plus service - which is being extended to PCs and Tablets beyond Dell server, storage and networking - SupportAssist is designed to leverage embedded network technology that constantly oversees your organization's devices to ensure continual uptime.

In addition to proactive monitoring, ProSupport Plus provides clients with access to engineers in more than 66 countries and 19 languages. Coverage is also provided for drops, spills and electrical surges.

Technical account managers

Clients who have more than 1000 ProSupport Plus-covered devices will be provided with an account manager who will provide monthly reports detailing the health of computing deployments.

"Today our portfolio consists of a base warranty and support that is reactive 24/7," says Jim Roth , Dell's Executive Director of the Support and Deployment Product Group. "You can talk to engineers and experts but it is reactive. When you have a failure someone has to identify the failure, contact the manufacturer, open the ticket and the talk to someone in tech support who will ask symptom-based questions."

With ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist, Roth says Dell clients will notify Dell technical support if and when a failure occurs. Technical support will then examine the data and call clients, rather than waiting for clients to contact Dell when problems occur.

Pricing for ProSupport Plus will vary depending on your deployment region and the number of units you've deployed.