Windows Store now tells you which apps are built for Windows 10

Windows 10

Want to know which apps in the Windows Store are specifically built for Microsoft's newest operating system?

Well, now it's possible to tell as with the latest tweaking of the store, Windows Central reports that Redmond has added a new 'Built For Windows 10' label which highlights those apps specifically made as universal apps for Windows 10.

You'll find this underneath the app's name (actually underneath the 'Share' icon under the name, to be precise), and it indicates that the program won't have any issues running on a Windows 10 device.

That's definitely good to know for those who have made the move to the new OS which Microsoft is busy pushing very hard indeed.

This change is thought to have landed with the latest update to the Windows Store, although it wasn't clear at the time, as the update didn't provide any changelog to let us know what was new. Various bug fixes were, of course, a given, as ever…

Windows 10 has now racked up in excess of 200 million installs, and at the end of last week, Microsoft introduced a new 'Ring' for those who like to test preview builds of the OS – although in this case, the new Release Preview Ring doesn't actually offer whole builds, rather just driver and software updates to try out before they hit consumer PCs.

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