Square debuts Register app for iPad

Square debuts Register app for iPad
Square Register simplifies payments for US businesses

Mobile credit card payments service Square has launched a new application which turns the Apple iPad into a cash register... or should we say, a non-cash register.

The free Square Register app allows a business to easily itemise its inventory, regardless of how many items it sells, using the iPad's touchscreen.

Square Register then displays them in a manner similar to the interface of a self-checkout register at a supermarket.

So, for example, a coffee shop can ring up a latte and blueberry muffin and then swipe the customer's credit card using the Square plastic dongle, which can be attached to the iPad's headphone jack.

Multiple means of payment

Shoppers can also pay their bill with cash or through the Card Case scheme, the GPS-based mobile app which allows users to pay by just giving their name to the cash.

Items can be easily signed-for using the iPad's touchscreen and regular customers can be easily stored to keep track of loyalty.

The app also keeps track of all sales, while there's also browser-based analytics for greater details.

The app should help small businesses especially, as they seek to get an easy payment infrastructure off the ground. All they really need is an account with Square and an iPad to get started.

Check out Square Register in the video below.


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