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Mozilla's 64-bit Firefox browser will touch down in Spring 2015

Version 37? Really, Firefox?

Mozilla has been toying with a 64-bit Firefox browser for years, and now it's finally resolved to make it official.

64-bit Firefox will arrive with Firefox 37, which is scheduled to launch on March 31 2015, according to Mozilla's wiki.

Two of Mozilla's main competitors, Chrome and Internet Explorer, already offer 64-bit versions.

However it's actually Windows 10 that deserves partial for this news, as Mozilla apparently believes Microsoft may drop x86 support entirely with its next OS version.

Face your fears

That would leave Mozilla in hot water without a 64-bit browser, though the company's fear of a 64-bit-only Windows 10 is just that - an unsubstantiated fear.

We've reached out to Microsoft to see if they want to address this question, and we'll update if they do.

Via Neowin