Google Currents: what it is and why you should care

step 10

You can add more trends from Currents' homescreen by tapping the plus symbol or 'Add More Trends'. Here you'll find lots of categories, such as 'Entertainment' or 'Sport', which can be added to the trending section of Currents. Don't forget that you can switch back to your library at any time, too.

11. RSS feeds

step 11

If there's a particular site or blog you follow that you can't find in Currents, you can still add it - provided it has an RSS feed. Standing for Really Simple Syndication, it's the 21st century equivalent of ticker-tape, providing a regularly-updated stream of content, which can be formatted to fit Currents.

12. Searching

step 12

From the Currents homescreen, switch to the Library view using the menu to the upper-left. Tap the plus symbol or the 'Add more' link, and then tap the search magnifying glass to the upper-right. You can search for keywords ('BBC', for example) and you will see a list of related RSS feeds.

13. Searching

step 13

Tap 'Add free of charge' to include relevant RSS feeds in Currents. If you can't find an RSS feed here, you can add one manually. You'll need to fire up your web browser and visit the relevant website, then find its RSS feed - this will generally be towards the top or bottom of the site's homepage.

14. Copy and paste

step 14

Long-press on the RSS feed link, and then choose 'Copy link address'. Now open Currents again, tap 'Add more' and then the 'Search' icon. Long-press on the search bar and choose 'Paste'. Tap 'Go' and then 'Add free of charge' to the right, then press 'Back' and you'll see the new feed in your Currents homepage.

15. Add RSS feeds

step 15

You can add more feeds - such as Tumblr blogs and Facebook updates, for example - using this method. Usually they are already formatted for Currents and available to read offline, but occasionally you'll have to tap 'See original article' to go to the website's page in your web browser.

16. Strong Currents

step 16

You've now set up Google Currents to your individual news tastes, discovered trending stories, and added RSS feeds from other websites - well done! Remember that you can use Currents offline, and that the news sources are regularly updated, so you can always stay on top of things.