Adobe ups tablet creativity with Touch Apps and Creative Cloud

Adobe ups tablet creativity with Touch Apps and Creative Cloud
To the cloud! Again!

In conjunction with a new cloud-based image storage system, Adobe has launched six new tablet apps to get your creative juices flowing on to your iPad or Android tablet.

Slightly unfortunate imagery aside, the Adobe Touch Apps pick up where the previous generation – Eazel, Color Lava and Nav – left off.

Up first is Photoshop Touch, which gives you touch-control over the advanced image editing features of the popular image tweaking software – including layered images and applying effects.

Collage es tu

Adobe Collage, meanwhile, allows you to build moodboards and make, er, collages with imported images, text, on-screen drawing and colour themes.

The other apps include presentation software called Adobe Debut, a vector-based drawing app known as Adobe Ideas, a colour tool (which sounds the same as Color to us) called Adobe Kuler and a handy wireframe developer called Adobe Pronto that website and app developers should find handy.

You'll be able to use the newly announced Creative Cloud space to store your work and images too, with 20GB of Cloud storage available for a fee – a "highly attractive price" that will be announced in due course.

The Creative Cloud will also serve as a kind of community hub where creative types can network and collaborate.

The suite of apps will launch on Android devices in November 2011 when UK pricing will also be announced, with news regarding iOS to follow in early 2012.

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