Security gets smart with the Ajax all-in-one alarm system

Four Ajax components on a black background
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In the UK alone, there were 265,508 burglaries reported last year - and that’s a huge drop versus previous years, thanks to the pandemic keeping people in their homes. 

Yet, so many people opt to either completely ignore home security solutions or to use DIY systems that are less sophisticated and more prone to failure than professional-grade products. 

While these systems are certainly better than nothing, few can offer a truly holistic and well-safeguarded solution. 

Enter Ajax, the Apple of the security system industry. Like Apple, Ajax has carved a name for itself by focusing on sleek design, an effortless user experience, and, of course, fantastic proprietary technologies.  

Don’t DIY it

Ajax app showing armed status

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Unlike DIY security systems, Ajax is a pro-grade security solution and strives to offer all-in-one protection. 

Ajax has a host of over 50 wireless and wired devices which can serve a variety of purposes to help you sleep better at night, and leave your home feeling secure - and not only thanks to its motion detectors. Ajax covers almost every aspect of either home, office, store or even entire production security, offering ultimate peace of mind - whether it’s break-ins, fire or flood detection.

Plus, its Grade 2 accreditation and PD 6662 compliance allows it to be connected to central monitoring stations - meaning that UK police can react to alarm notifications. 

Using smart motion detectors, which are pet-friendly, and won’t react to animals smaller than 50cm and 20kg, Ajax can oversee all activity both inside and outside your home. It can also provide photo verification of alarms to help users and security companies make informed decisions around potential dangers. In fact, it can even integrate video cameras for third-party brands for HD video surveillance.

Cut the wire

While its wired device range, Fibra, also presents a fantastic selection of security solutions, Ajax is best known for its wireless line, Jeweller.

Jeweller uses Ajax Systems’ same-named radio protocol for two-way communication covering up to 2000m, and with a battery life of an average of 5-7 years, there’s little to fear from the jump to wireless security. 

The system can also ease security concerns thanks to its encrypted data transmission, which can’t be spoofed because of device authentication. If a bad actor tries to interfere with the system, the Ajax hub will switch to a free radio frequency and contact both the user and security company.

The hubs come with 15-16 hours of backup battery life, as well as a variety of communication channel options, so blackouts are no concern either.

Ajax’s Grade 2 certification and compliance with the EN 50131 security standard further demonstrates this attention to detail, as these merits can only be given to systems that can resist experienced attackers with specialised equipment. 

It’s worth noting that, due to its sophistication and complexity, Ajax advocates for professional installation to all users to guarantee flawless service.

 Good things get better

Ajax smart plug next to tablet

(Image credit: Ajax)

Alone, these security solutions are great - but combined with smart home capabilities, they become fantastic. 

That’s right, Ajax also offers smart home devices and functionality, allowing you to control power supply, lighting and even certain electrical appliances. Using Ajax’s scenarios, users can automate certain activities around the home, either as a response to an alarm trigger, alarm mode switching or on a schedule. So, for example, you can program the system to automatically shut down the water to prevent flooding, or cut off the potential cause of ignition in case of a fire alarm, or set up a schedule to simulate home activity while being off on vacation. 

Ajax can be fully controlled by one, singular mobile app. 

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your concerns with your home’s security - one app. 

There are some things in life worth cutting corners on, but home security isn’t one of them. Find out where to buy your new Ajax smart home security system