Roborock on the future of AI and automated vacuum cleaners

(Image credit: Future)

At CES 2020 we interviewed Roborock’s Andy Knight on their smart vacuum lineup and the future of AI. What technology is being used to map the home? Is the mapping data private? What challenges face this sector of smart home products?

This year Roborock announced their first hand-held stick vacuum, the H6. It is the first in the world to use a lithium polymer battery, which boasts a whole range of benefits, from weight to life cycle.  

They also introduced a less expensive version of one of their more popular smart vacuums. This S6 Pure packs all of the same intelligence into a compact package that can help keep your home clean. 

The H6 and will be available for $499, and the S6 Pure will be $549. Both go on sale in Q2. Learn more about the Roborock H6 here!