RingCentral launches wave of updates designed to turbocharge productivity

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RingCentral has gone live with a raft of new features for its cloud phone and collaboration platforms in an effort to help customers drive greater productivity as a period of economic uncertainty looms.

Broadly, the updates are designed to give users a way to automate administrative tasks, reduce the need to juggle multiple apps and help develop custom workflows specific to individual businesses.

The hope is that, by laying the groundwork for productivity gains, RingCentral can effectively create an additional avenue for customers to cut back on costs.

New RingCentral features

As inflation skyrockets, the cost of borrowing rises and appetite for spending cools off, many businesses are set to face a period of considerable economic pressure.

In this context, companies will need to ensure they are squeezing out every ounce of productivity, which can prove difficult when employees are juggling tens of different digital tools and services and working from all manner of locations. The latest RingCentral updates are designed to help customers achieve just that.

Perhaps the most significant change is the arrival of new apps and integrations to the RingCentral app, including Google Drive, Google Forms, HubSpot, Zendesk, Trello and more. This will mean users will no longer have to hop between windows to gain access to their cloud storage library, say, or their project management software.

Second, RingCentral has rolled out a number of new capabilities for its cloud phone service that it claims will relieve pressure on IT departments. Upgrades include improvements to self-service onboarding, a simplification of the call forwarding process and the ability to use various analytics tools to draw insights from call behavior data.

Rounding out the bundle of updates are new features geared specifically towards helping sales teams streamline their workflows. For example, sales personnel will now benefit from new-look Salesforce and HubSpot integrations that allow them to speak with colleagues before transferring a call and access voicemail facilities with greater ease.

“Core to successfully enabling hybrid work is providing your people with the right communications and collaboration tools when and where they need them,” said Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer at RingCentral.

“At RingCentral, we’re focused on delivering the best-connected experiences across the varying working styles, locations, and technologies to reduce operational inefficiencies and enable people to effortlessly connect with customers, teams, and everyone in between.”

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