Resident Evil 4 VR will get Mercenaries mode in 2022 as a free update

Screenshot from Resident Evil 4 VR
(Image credit: Capcom / Oculus)

The Meta Quest 2 exclusive Resident Evil 4 VR (RE4 VR) is one of the best VR games we’ve played, and it’s about to get even better.

Capcom and Armature Studio announced in a blog post that the fan-favorite The Mercenaries mode from the original Resident Evil 4 games will be added later this year as a free update.

The return of the exhilarating minigame will give players the chance to gun down waves of unrelenting enemies, complete challenges, and unlock new characters and content – and is sure to cement RE4 VR's place among the best Meta Quest 2 games.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a firm release date for this new content drop – just a vague “later this year” – but to tide us over we’re also being treated to a slew of gameplay and comfort upgrades that are rolling out today.

Movement and accessibility

Starting off with movement, the latest blog post for RE4 VR announced that players can now choose a new controller-directional movement option; this allows you to turn your character based on the direction your controllers are pointing.

Secondly, those who are left-handed will appreciate the ability to swap the analog stick that's responsible for movement between the right and left Meta Quest controllers. This should help the game feel more intuitive and comfortable to play.

On top of that, new accessibility settings will allow more people than ever to feel like Leon S Kennedy. Thanks to new settings players can adjust the position of waist and chest holders so that they better line up with how their body is shaped, while those with color blindness may appreciate the ability to change the color of the laser sight on weapons to better distinguish it from background colors and enemies.

These new gameplay options are sure to delight many players, though they aren’t quite as impressive as a whole new game mode. Hopefully, we won’t be kept in the dark for too long as to when The Mercenaries will be available in Resident Evil 4 VR. As soon as we find out, we’ll let you know.

Hamish Hector
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