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Raptic’s iPhone 12 case is a cut above the competition. Here’s why.

A Raptic case.
(Image credit: Raptic)

Now that the iPhone 12 is here, it’s a good idea to start thinking about which type of case you’ll get for yours. Aside from keeping your newest smartphone safe, cases also add some stylish flair to your device that help you to show it off.

There are tons of different smartphone case developers out there, and each of them have been grappling with one another for market dominance for years. However, ultimately, none of them can compare to the excellence of Raptic's cases. And it’s all thanks to one key feature: anodized machined metal frames.

What makes the frames special?

Okay, “anodized machined metal frames” is a complicated term. Let’s simplify things: Raptic outfits its iPhone cases with a durable metal outer shell cut to the perfect size. Additionally, the metal used in this process goes through a process called anodizing, in which a protective oxide layer is applied to the surface of the metal. Aside from protecting the metal from corrosion over time, this oxide layer also doubles as a stylish finish. Raptic’s metal frames are leagues ahead of anything the competition has come up with, providing tank-like protection to your device. 

But wait, there’s more!

While the metal frames of Raptic’s iPhone cases are what stand out the most, they’re by no means the only thing that makes the cases great. Another excellent feature of Raptic cases is that they come with a layer of soft rubber under armour that encases your iPhone beneath the metal frames. This rubber nullifies the concussive force that comes from drops and blunt force blows, which is an important aspect of adequate protection that a lot of other cases get wrong.

Next up is the clear polycarbonate panel on the back of the case. This durable material stands up excellently to damage, and as a bonus the panel’s transparency means that the back of your phone stays visible. When the iPhone 12 launches, you’ll be able to show it off to the world without needing to worry about sacrificing protection.

Sleek and stylish

If fashion is your game, fear not; Raptic has you covered. With plenty of different color options including black, blue, red, and iridescent, there’s bound to be something that suits you perfectly. Additionally, thanks to the fact that the exterior is metallic, the colors are vibrant and pop quite a lot, ensuring that your style won’t go unnoticed. 

The choice is clear: Armor up with Raptic for iPhone 12

A Raptic case.

(Image credit: Raptic)

 Between the genius metal frames, the shock-absorbing rubber interior, the excellent polycarbonate back panel, and the phenomenal color options, it’s easy to see why Raptic is the company you should go to for your iPhone 12 case. Offering the perfect balance between efficiency, features, and style, there’s nothing out there like a Raptic case. Check out Raptic’s website to see everything it has to offer!