PS5 just made an incredible feature much less hidden

PS5 and Dualsense controller
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The latest PS5 update just made one of its best features much easier to find.

Sony quietly announced the PS5 feature on the official PlayStation support page. The announcement details exactly what the latest system update brings, with auto low-latency support (or ALLM) definitely in the limelight.

The update is available right now, and will download the next time you turn on your PS5. Though keep in mind that the update will take up roughly 1GB of storage space on your console's SSD.

To make use of ALLM on PS5, you'll need a TV that supports the feature as well as a HDMI 2.1 cable. Then, go into your PS5's Settings menu, followed by Screen and Video, Video Output, and finally ALLM.

If you switch the ALLM setting to Automatic, then your TV will automatically switch to its auto low-latency mode when you've loaded up a game.

Why is ALLM such a big deal?

Auto low-latency mode is potentially game-changing for PS5 players. It's supported by many of the best 4K TVs you can buy, and can drastically reduce input lag by disabling any display enhancing settings you might have on your TV.

Sony has been on a roll with PS5 updates this year, but ALLM was actually quietly launched alongside the addition of variable refresh rate support (or VRR). This feature allows the PS5 to maintain a smooth framerate while boosting resolution, leading to a crisper image and more responsive gameplay.

Auto low-latency and VRR are excellent features for multiplayer games, especially, where every split second counts. But it's a wonderful thing for any kind of game that relies on slick, responsive controls.

Both ALLM and VRR have been available on Xbox Series X|S consoles since launch, but PS5 players were sadly left in the dark for a while. Thankfully, both features are now available to use on Sony's flagship console, provided you've got a TV that supports them.

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