Power to the people: beat blackouts and get energy anywhere with these portable powerhouses

Ecoflow delta on a table with a laptop plugged in as a couple watches in the background
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Whether you’re worried about winter blackouts, going off-grid or just want more sustainable and renewable energy, EcoFlow has got you covered. 

Its portable power stations are ideal for remote working, for roaming in your RV and for reliable backup power at home too. It’s easier than ever to get the energy you need whenever and wherever you need it – and with these incredible EcoFlow Black Friday deals, it’s even more affordable too.

Hold power in your hands with RIVER Mini

EcoFlow’s most affordable and most portable power stations are astonishing, delivering massive amounts of power without taking up massive amounts of space. 

They’re designed with mobility in mind so they’re compact and lightweight, and they have a plethora of ports to power and charge every conceivable kind of device, allowing up to nine devices to be connected simultaneously. 

EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology enables you to charge your River Mini incredibly quickly, reaching 80% charge in just 60 minutes.

Ecoflow Delta Mini

(Image credit: Ecoflow)

Power with a punch 

EcoFlow’s innovative Delta Mini packs plenty of power, and can handle devices up to a whopping 2,200W. That’s more than enough for almost all electronics as well as powerful devices such as hair dryers and power tools. 

Like the River Mini its wall outlets, USB ports and DC sockets enable you to power up to 9 devices at once, and thanks to its built-in X-Stream technology you can fully charge it three to four times faster than the average portable power station.

The gold standard of portable power 

When you need serious stamina, only the Delta will do. It’s the world’s fastest charging power station, achieving full charge in one-tenth the time of rival products and reaching 80% in just one hour. Its huge power output supports power tools of up to 1,800W and can surge to 3,300W with Pure Sine Wave, making it the best portable power station of its size. It’s also incredibly flexible, with enough AC, DC and USB outlets to run up to 11 devices simultaneously.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Delta is a portable solar power station too. You can charge to full in just 4 hours with EcoFlow panels, and if you’re on a road trip you can plug it into your car or RV port and charge it on the go.

Ecoflow Delta Max on a kitchen counter

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The ultimate portable power station 

If you’re looking for a reliable backup for your home power or want to go completely off-grid, the Delta Max brings all the energy you could wish for. With an incredible 6kWh capacity and the ability to add smart batteries for even more storage, it’s got the stamina for even the toughest scenarios. 

With up to 3,600W charging speeds and the power to handle appliances and power tools of up to 3,000W it’s incredibly powerful, and you can make it even more flexible by adding twin 400W solar panels for an astonishing 800W solar charging speed. 

The Smart way to battle blackouts 

EcoFlow’s Smart Generator is a brilliant backup in case of blackouts. It connects directly to the Delta Pro or Max, charging directly over DC to save you fuel and time. 

It has an AC output so you can power devices during emergencies while your power station charges up, and with auto shutdown, app-based control and monitoring and auto-start at your set charge level it’s the smarter way to overcome outages.

Ecoflow solar panels in the desert

(Image credit: Ecoflow)

Powerful panels to light up your life 

EcoFlow is also offering great deals on its 110W and 220W solar panels, and on bundles featuring River and Delta power stations with those panels. The 110W panel has industry-leading 23% conversion efficiency in a panel that’s designed to be ultra-compact and dustproof to cope with even the toughest environments. 

The 220W solar panel is even more powerful, with a 220W main panel and a second 155W side to capture ambient light too. That means it captures 25% more solar energy and enables you to charge your portable power station even faster. Its tempered glass makes it five times tougher than comparable panels, it’s rated IP68 for water resistance and it can withstand temperatures of up to 300ºF too. But despite its incredible power, it’s still incredibly portable. That tempered glass means it needs less surface area than its rivals. Simply fold it down, slide it into its carry case and you can take it anywhere.

Brilliant Black Friday bundles and bargains

EcoFlow is celebrating Black Friday with some serious discounts across the range, and with some really attractive bundle deals too such as the EcoFlow DELTA Max or Mini with a 220W Solar Panel.

Lighter, smarter and more affordable than ever before, EcoFlow is your perfect power partner at home, on the road and in the great outdoors. Click here to find out more on Amazon.