Outlook.com app for Android gets out of office replies

Outlook on Android
Outlook.com's new face on Android

Microsoft recently peeled the cucumber face mask off Windows 8.1's Mail app to reveal a fresh new look, and now the company has done the same for its Outlook.com app for Android devices.

It claims that 68% of Outlook.com's 400 million users now access the service on a mobile device, and has stocked the app's feature cupboard with 150 user requested improvements as a result.

The most notable addition is server-side search, which lets you search through all email messages including those that haven't yet been downloaded to the phone.

All the mail

It appears alongside a new option to download every email you've ever received or sent (probably best to do this over Wi-Fi), as opposed to those just from the last month.

The updated app, which is compatible with devices running Android 2.2 and above, also gets an 'out of office' feature that preps automatic replies when you're sunning yourself in the Caribbean (or just going for a sandwich or something).

It's also been given a new lick of paint to match Windows 8.1's new Mail app. If the default blue, white and grey colour scheme isn't to your fancy, there's 11 different palettes to choose from, including a shade of green that matches Android's UI.

Kane Fulton
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