Nokia: Lumia 1020 is a camera that does some smartphone stuff too

Lumia 1020 is a camera that does some smartphone stuff too, says Nokia
Spot the smartphone in the smartphone ad

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is a high-end compact camera with a smartphone thrown into the mix for good measure, according to Nokia's latest efforts to lure potential buyers towards its 41-megapixel beast.

In a new commercial, the company billed the device as "the first smartphone to put the camera first," although Samsung may debate that having recently launched the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

During Nokia's unique 31-second spot, which showcases would-be photographers framing shots with non-existent cameras, the company chirped the Lumia 1020 was "for the billions of smartphone photographers."

However, it's not until 17 seconds into the ad that we actually see the device, when we're greeted with images of the camera UI and told of the "41-megapixels and reinvented zoom."

It does make calls too...

Indeed, Nokia has made its sales pitch pretty clear in this ad. There's no phone calls being made, no answering of emails, no using of apps, no browsing the web and no playing games.

There's also no mention of Windows Phone until eight seconds before the end and no shots identifying WP features until the final frames.

Make no mistake, Nokia sees this device as a camera that'll also let you do some smartphone-related stuff to a relatively high standard too. Not interested in taking pictures on your phone? Move along.

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