Amazon planning own Android App Market

The email sent out to prospective developers
The email sent out to prospective developers

Amazon looks more likely to be bringing out its own Android application portal after email documentation for developers was leaked.

Amazon says the store is for 'smartphones and other connected devices', meaning the online retailer is clearly gearing up for the tablet onslaught, and could conceivably be creating an Android version of the Kindle too.

The email goes on to state that all applications will be reviewed by Amazon before going on the store, but doesn't give any more information other than expecting the developers to be familiar with Eclipse, the tool for developing Android applications.

At the sharp end

But the Wall Street Journal is reporting that there will be a few restrictions imposed by Amazon, including not accepting apps that have been available for more than two weeks before going on the Amazon store.

It also will be stipulated that the apps can't be offered at a lower price anywhere else either, so Amazon is clearly trying to keep its portal among the application-offering front runners.

There's no word on when the application store will go live, nor what it will be called - but we bet there will be some new hardware to coincide with the new plans.

From Engadget