5 Galaxy S6 Active features business users should care about

Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung's flagship phone overhaul was a big hit with consumers, as the Android manufacturer switched to premium glass and metal materials for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models. However, in revamping its design language, Samsung also removed a few key features from the Galaxy S5, like waterproofing, a removable battery and memory card support that may put off some business users from adopting the Galaxy S6.

With the launch of the Galaxy S6 Active, an exclusive to AT&T in the US, Samsung gave its flagship some plastic surgery, removed the glass and metal sheen and created a device that's more durable but with the same processing power and speed as the Galaxy S6. Everything you love about the Galaxy S6 is in the Active, but with some subtle tweaks.

With its rugged durability, Samsung is marketing the Galaxy S6 Active – the newest variant of the line – as the ultimate phone for thrill-seeking adventurers, but the Active may also be the perfect business tool thanks to features like waterproofing, impact resistance, long battery life and more. Here are five reasons the Galaxy S6 Active can be a valuable tool for your business:

1. Slip sliding away

Spilled coffees and juices that turn liquids into technology's wrecking ball are a thing of the past as the Galaxy S6 Active brings back the waterproofing feature from the Galaxy S5. Given that one-third of all phones succumb to an untimely demise inflicted by liquids each year, this is good news for butterfinger business executives prone to dropping their phones in toilets, tubs or the pool.

Samsung says that the Galaxy S6 Active meets US Mil-STD-810G standards specifications, meaning that it can survive in up to 1.5m of water for up to 30 minutes.


For business executives who are constantly multitasking, that means you can read your favorite e-book or brush up on your next presentation while soaking in the tub, or go to brunch and not worry about spilling your juice before the caffeine kicks in.

Not having to worry about a soaked phone also means you can eliminate downtime due to dead equipment.

2. Caught between a rock and a hard place

If you drop your phone and if it doesn't land in a pool, it may land on a hard surface. Swapping out the metal and glass body from the Galaxy S6, the Active comes with reinforced plastic that makes it easier to grip and more impact absorbent.

The same US Mil-STD-810G certification means that the phone is rated as shock-resistant for falls from four feet or less onto a flat surface. If it lands screen-down onto a pointed nail, well the screen will probably shatter, but if the Active takes a tumble from your desk onto the flat floor of your office, then it should be safe.

Additionally, the plastic around the Active forms a raised ledge around the display. If your phone skydives from your desk with the display headed toward the cement ground, the raised edges will be the point of impact, not your screen.

This should help in ensuring that your Galaxy S6 Active will last, especially considering that a quarter of smartphone owners manage to shatter their phone's screens, according to statistics from MobileInsurance.co.uk.

3. Say goodbye to 8-hour work days

The Galaxy S6 Active also has a bigger battery than the Galaxy S6, which alone is enough of a reason to upgrade to the Active model. The downside is that you can't use the excuse that your phone died to go off the grid, especially when the boss calls.

But for those who are always on call – IT support staff, workers in the field and road warriors away from power outlets – battery longevity is a breath of fresh air. With the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Active all sporting designs with non-user replaceable batteries, the larger battery on the Active will alleviate range anxiety.