Philips offers next-gen Ambilight and the latest OLED TV tech in the new OLED+ range

Philips OLED937
(Image credit: Philips)

Shopping for a new TV? Then you can’t ignore Philips’s two hottest new sets, the Philips OLED+907 (available in 48”, 55”, 65” sizes) and the OLED+937 (65” & 77”).

They combine two of our favourite TV technologies of the last decade: OLED and Ambilight. 

Both the Philips OLED+937 and OLED+907 (55” 65in models only) use the latest and most advanced OLED.EX panel, which lets these sets reach the kind of brightness levels that were simply impossible with OLED a couple of years ago. 1300 nit peak brightness lets the Philips OLED+937 and OLED+907 render the searing specular highlights of HDR movies with the brilliant intensity they deserve. Philips uses a heatsink to keep the display panel always cool and healthy. 

Super-powerful brightness and the impeccable inky blacks of OLED are rocket fuel for movies and, well, just about any other kind of content you choose to watch. 

Both sets also support every key HDR standard we look for in a TV, including Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR 10+, HDR10+ Adaptive, HLG and now IMAX Enhanced. 

Philips OLED937

(Image credit: Philips)

 The Ambilight experience

You can find similarly punchy OLED panels from other brands, but Ambilight? That’s a Philips special feature. 

The Philips OLED+937 and OLED+907 have next-generation Ambilight tech, but let’s start with a quick primer for those who have never seen it in action before. Ambilight uses LEDs mounted on the TV to project the colours of on-screen content onto the wall or other surface behind your TV. 

It makes movies and games far more immersive, a technicolor light show that plays out in your peripheral vision. The OLED+907 has multicolour LEDs on three sides while the top-end OLED+937 has LEDs on all four.

And they both benefit from the same “next-gen” tech upgrades that let those LEDs operate individually rather than in groups. This lets Ambilight’s colours appear more intense and accurate to the image on-screen.  

Ambilight is something you ideally want to experience first-hand, but we find it draws you further into the picture. It gives the impression of the image extending beyond the boundaries of the set and we find it makes it easier for you to lose yourself in what’s on-screen, and it can also help reduce eye strain. 

The OLED+937 features Philips’s new 6th Gen AI Intelligent Dual Engine processor to help perfect the viewing experience in other ways too.

The Advanced HDR tone mapping now optimises colour, light level and detail frame by frame rather than per scene, ensuring the punchiest and most vibrant image regardless of how the HDR source was mastered. 

Ambient intelligence optimises the picture performance to the light level in the viewing room while AI Machine Learning Sharpness applies different sharpening levels locally to different parts of the image, for a better impression of detail while retaining a natural look.

Philips OLED907

(Image credit: Philips)

Who needs a soundbar? 

The Philips OLED+907 and OLED+937 pay just as much attention to sound. And as you can tell from a glance, their approaches to speaker design are quite different. 

Philips’s OLED+937 removes the need to buy an additional soundbar by building a full speaker array in an ultra-rigid enclosure below the display. It’s an advanced 5.1.2 speaker system by Bowers & Wilkins. 

As well as having a dedicated subwoofer driver and an LCR array fronted by a hallmark 19mm titanium tweeter-on-top for fantastic dialog clarity, the OLED+937 now includes two side-firing speakers plus dedicated Dolby Atmos units, giving the TV’s audio true surround sound scope. Each sound system is also tuned to the particular screen size to give optimal performance – with only one remote control and no messy cables.

The Philips OLED+907 approach is to enclose the speakers in a stylish grey fabric-covered bar that sits just below the screen with dedicated left, right and centre channels plus a bass speaker sitting in its own compartment on the back of the set - to give a genuine 3.1 system capable of delivering a more powerful performance greater than the slim frame of this TV would suggest. 

Whether you prefer the soundbar styling of the top-end Philips OLED+937 or the classic lines of the Philips OLED+907, you get reference-grade picture and audio. 

Both models are available now from Richer Sounds. The OLED+937 is priced at £2899 (65in) and £3999 (77in). The OLED+907 costs £1699 (48in), £1999 (55in) and £2699 (65in). Discover more at