Not just fancy looks - innovative tech makes Roborock a market leader

Roborock S7 Plus in dock
(Image credit: Roborock)

What makes a high-quality robot vacuum? It’s not just a matter of one that looks fancy, with tons of widgets and whatsits that make us think they’ve got a lot of powerful abilities. It takes some serious innovation to make a game-changing robot vacuum, and that’s what Roborock continues to do with its market-leading machines.

At its heart, a robot vacuum is meant to take one of the more common chores around the house and handle it for you. No more sweeping and vacuuming around the house to keep it clean. The extra investment to get a robot vacuum can pay for itself in the time it saves you cleaning up all the time. But, without meaningful innovations, some robot vacuums fall behind. While they replace the chore of vacuuming, they can create new headaches — finding a vacuum tangled on shoelaces, trapped under a seat, having failed to clean everywhere, or having created an entirely new mess.

Roborock continues to push the industry forward with robot vacuums that continue to solve problems for their owners instead of creating them. In just the 8 years since the company was founded, it’s grown to have over 890 employees,  with more than half of them working on product innovation. The company has sold over 9 million products across over 40 countries. With a vision to “Be the world’s most innovative company,” Roborock offers ever-more advanced features and innovative artificial intelligence that make it a leader in the market for home robotics. While it might not help you fold and put away your laundry, Roborock helps eliminate one of the most tedious chores around the home: keeping your floors spotless. Each extra innovation the company brings in this space takes more work off your plate. 

Roborock has a whole host of robot vacuums that feature the powerful vacuuming implements needed to get dirt and debris off the floor. Some even feature powered mop heads that pull double duty on your floors, cutting out a second task from your chore list at the same time it handles vacuuming. These machines are designed by experts from the ground up with the intention of making lives easier.

To take cleaning capabilities to the next level, Roborock is consistently upgrading the intelligence of its machines. Basic robot vacuums tend to bump around with little clue of where they’re going or what they’re cleaning. But Roborock’s premium machines can pair LiDAR, stereoscopic cameras, and machine vision to map out your floor plan, carefully navigate around every inch, and precisely avoid obstacles that might get in the way of cleaning. Some models even provide unique uses, like the S6 MaxV, which can use its front cameras in a live view to let you patrol your home remotely like a moving security camera.

Since the robot vacuum knows exactly where it cleaned and didn’t clean - you can also plainly see in the app where something got in the way — there are no surprise messes that you only notice when you have company over.

With each extra task Roborock’s vacuums take on for themselves, you get a little bit more of your time back to enjoy your life and not find yourself saddled with chores. While any old robot vacuum will handle that task of getting dust up off the floor (some better than others), the more basic models will have you spending a bunch of time emptying out their dust bins, cleaning their rollers and mops, and servicing them. The latest Roborock models go further, minimizing the after-care required on your part.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra near dock

(Image credit: Roborock)

The latest Roborock models support the new smart docks. These automatically remove dirt collected by the vacuum and put it into a large bin that can store up to eight weeks' worth of the vacuum’s findings. Some dock models can also refill the water reservoir of the mopping robovacs and even clean off the mop head. Roborock’s market research has found that having to manually wash a vacuum’s mop is one of customers’ least favorite aspects of owning a smart vacuum, so having a dock that handles this all on its own removes yet another pain point for customers.

Advanced filtration in the dock also ensures 99.99% of particles stay trapped inside for both cleaner floors and cleaner air. Naturally, the docking station also charges the robot, ensuring the robot handles things autonomously with minimal effort on your part. 

Smart home integrations further make Roborock’s robot vacuums powerful helpers. You can be out of the house making plans to have guests over for dinner and simply tell your favorite smart assistant to have a compatible Roborock vacuum clean the dining room. With the vacuum’s mapping and room knowledge, it can tackle designated zones as requested.

Ultimately, your time at home ought to be just that: your time. Household chores don’t have to eat away at the time you have to yourself. Roborock’s advanced line of smart vacuums can help you take that time back. To see all the ways they can help, check out everything Roborock has to offer here.