No Man’s Sky is coming to the Nintendo Switch

No Man's Sky
(Image credit: Hello Games)

No Man’s Sky, the incredible procedurally generated universe sandbox, is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Announced as part of the latest Nintendo Direct, No Man’s Sky on Switch looks to be an entire port of the ambitious game. If that’s the case it will be an impressive job by developer Hello Games. Not only is the game’s universe vast, full of unique planets, plants, and wildlife, but the game supports hugely different playstyles.

When No Man’s Sky originally launched it was an interesting sci-fi world to explore, but it felt a little thin when it came to activities. It was a survival game strapped onto a world engine. Fans were disappointed and Hello Games received a lot of hate from players. Though, in the years since there have been huge improvements, adding elements such as base-building, mounts, full multiplayer, and more.

Hello Games says that No Man's Sky will be launching on Switch with all five years of updates. That will be an extremely impressive achievement to have running on Nintendo's handheld.

No Man’s Sky is due out on Switch this summer.

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