New devolo Magic 2 LAN triple: Lightning-fast Powerline adapter with three Gigabit LAN ports

 A living room photo with a devolo Magic 2 LAN triple powerline adapter plugged into an electrical socket.
Connect your smart TV, gaming console and a third multimedia device with the lightning fast Gigabit ports. (Image credit: devolo)

Houses and multi-level condos with their multiple ceilings and walls can make it difficult to set up a reliable home network. 

For these kinds of buildings, a wired network is a good option. 

Conventional Ethernet cables are great for speed and reliability. But installing them can require a lot of dirty, dusty work and can be costly as well. So if you want to have a wired home network without drilling holes in walls, the new devolo Magic 2 LAN triple powerline adapter is your best option. It uses a home’s existing electrical wiring and wall sockets to transmit signals at lightning fast speeds. 

All good things come in threes: devolo Magic 2 LAN triple 

Imagine streaming your favorite films and series in brilliant 4K quality, enjoying online gaming with super-quick response times, and being able to download multiple gigabyte files without delay. This is the kind of data throughout made possible by wired networks, which is why many users continue to rely on tried-and-tested wired LAN connections in this wireless age.

This is where the  devolo Magic 2 LAN triple really shines. It transmits the Internet over a home's electrical wiring, delivering data transfer rates of up to 2000 Mbps* without ever being slowed down by ceilings or walls. (Again, no drilling is required.)

That’s not all: With three Gigabit ports built into each adapter, the devolo Magic 2 LAN triple can simultaneously support several multimedia devices with a wired connection. Meanwhile, to ensure that no electrical power outlet in the entertainment space goes to waste, the Magic 2 LAN triple also comes with an integrated power socket.

photo of a devolo Magic 2 LAN triple powerline adaptor.

Plug in and start! Simply connect your multimedia devices with the Gigabit ports of the devolo Magic 2 LAN triple and enjoy a stable connection.  (Image credit: devolo)

Wide-coverage and future-proof, thanks to 

Thanks to high performance Powerline technology, it doesn't matter where your router is located within your home. The devolo Magic 2 LAN triple can effortlessly cover distances over electrical wiring up to 1,600 feet – from the basement up to the attic and back down to the garage.  

A drawing of a three-story house, showing how devolo Magic 2 LAN triple powerline adapters can provide wired networking on all three floors.

A drawing of a three-story house, showing how devolo Magic 2 LAN triple powerline adapters can provide wired networking on all three floors.  (Image credit: devolo)

This reliable broadband performance, which is offered by the entire devolo Magic product family,  is built upon the latest generation of Powerline technology: represents the future of home networking over a home's electric wiring system. It makes the home network capable of handling the high-bandwidth services of today and tomorrow.

Installation: Plug in & get started! 

A hand plugging a devolo Magic 2 LAN triple powerline adapter into an electrical outlet.

Installation is simple, fast and painless!  (Image credit: devolo)

The Magic product series is the latest evolution of technology from devolo. For nearly 20 years, the German Powerline experts have been developing effective solutions for smart networking using Powerline communications. 

The devolo Magic motto is "unpack and get started". Once a Magic adapter has been connected to your home router, another Magic adapter can be plugged into an outlet within seconds. Then, thanks to the system’s special pairing-mode, the adapters can find each other quickly and establish a secure connection. 

To make installations even easier, the free devolo Home Network App, devolo Cockpit software and the web interface are available for configuring the Magic network.  

Prices and availability 

A photo of the devolo Magic 2 LAN triple Starter Kit

A Starter Kit is needed for the initial set-up of a devolo Magic network. You can extend your devolo Magic network through your home using up to eight Magic adapters.  (Image credit: devolo)

The devolo Magic 2 LAN triple Starter Kit is available to do the initial setup of a new Magic network. The package contains one devolo Magic 2 LAN triple and one devolo Magic 2 LAN adapter at the price of $ 144.99 / £ 139.99 / € 149.90 (including VAT).

Customers who are looking to add to an existing devolo Magic network might opt for the devolo Magic 2 LAN-triple Add-On priced at $ 84.99 / £ 79.99 / € 84,90 (including VAT). 

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* Actual data throughput and data over distance rates may vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building material and construction, and network overhead, may result in lower actual data throughput rates and range.