Need a UI/UX tool? Look no further than Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt
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Working on UI/UX design projects can often be frustrating due to how complicated they can become and how difficult it can be to try to collaborate with multiple other people on tasks at the same time. 

One of the best ways that these roadblocks can be overcome is with effective tools, but unfortunately most current design and prototyping tools lack good solutions. 

However, that has changed with the arrival of Wondershare Mockitt. It’s a clean, simple, and powerful design and prototyping tool that will allow you and your team to work together quickly and efficiently without any confusing interfaces or other complications. Here’s why Mockitt is different (and better) than its peers. 

A tool that can do everything, and do it well


The first thing that makes Mockitt such an effective tool is how powerful and capable it is. Whether you need to plan and plot out your ideas, put together a quick prototype, or create beautiful and attractive designs that users will love, Mockitt has a tool that’s perfect for you. 

Mockitt’s Flowchart Tool is ideal for planning out the logic of your designs, as with it, you can quickly visualize each step of the process with a wide variety of different shapes, colors, lines, and fonts. These options help keep everything organized and easy to understand, giving you a rock-solid foundation to work off of as you move into the prototyping and design stages. 

Speaking of prototyping, Mockitt also comes with a suite of excellent prototyping tools. With tons of different widgets available to choose from and the ability to create folders, transitions, animations, and various programming rules, you can create everything from a simple mockup to an advanced prototype with ease. 

Mockitt also includes hundreds of different templates and media assets that can be used to complete prototypes in minutes if your team needs something fast. 

Finally, Mockitt also comes with a Design Tool that allows you to take your prototype and spruce it up with beautiful designs. With this tool, you can make use of a wide variety of graphics, shapes, colors, images, fonts, symbols and more across as many layers and pages as you need. 

The Design Tool even allows you to create designs for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that users will love using your interface regardless of what device they’re using to do so. 

The Design Tool also supports importing Sketch files and exporting your design, meaning that you can seamlessly integrate it into your existing workflow.

Easy to learn, easy to master 


Secondly, Mockitt is also incredibly beginner-friendly, yet it doesn’t sacrifice any advanced functionality. This is due to the tool’s clean and clear interface that never overwhelms you with too much information at once, but always has more advanced options at the ready if you need them. 

Mockitt’s various tools also utilize a drag-and-drop system that makes adding elements or making changes easy and quick to do. Compared to the systems used by other tools, this drag-and-drop approach is much faster, simpler, and precise.

Collaboration has never been easier 


Lastly, Mockitt was built from the ground up to ensure that collaboration with others is seamless. 

All of Mockitt’s tools allow you and your team members to make changes and additions at the same time over the cloud, complete with autosaving and real-time updates. 

In situations where access to certain parts of your projects needs to be limited to select individuals, Mockitt also has admin-specific tools that allow them to restrict access and give various levels of permissions to each team member. 

This feature guarantees that you won’t need to worry about colleagues editing parts of the project they aren’t supposed to.

UI/UX designers: Mockitt offers everything you need! 

Wondershare Mockitt

(Image credit: Mockitt)


While many design tools available these days lack some important features, Mockitt stands out from the crowd by not only offering a ton of valuable flowchart, prototyping, and design tools, but also by using a simple and clean interface as well as advanced cloud-based collaboration systems. 

With Mockitt, you and your team can create everything from a simple flowchart plan to a top-notch user interface without any roadblocks at all. 

Notably, there’s even a free version of Mockitt that allows you to take advantage of much of what it offers without ever even paying a cent. 

There’s a free trial available for the more advanced versions of the tool as well, including both the personal and enterprise versions. Additionally, Mockitt’s paid versions are incredibly affordable with prices starting at $12.9/month.

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is the ultimate tool for UI/UX designers. With tons of functionality, a user-friendly interface, and tons of options for collaboration, Mockitt is perfect for individual designers and teams alike.